How to make the best of a Pandemic?

After months of being stuck at home and future out of country travel plans in limbo, my roommate and I decided we needed a real vacation. One that allowed us to really distance ourselves from work since our offices were now our bedrooms. 850 sq feet seemed big a few months ago but now it's our entire world. With COIVD cases decreasing throughout Ontario, we decided it was safe enough to plan a camping roadtrip through Northern Ontario. We found 3 eager friends who wanted to join us and started planning!

This post will cover our itinerary from a high level. Each section will link to a more detailed post about a specific park. We squeezed a lot in but it was all worth it!

Day 1

Sault Ste. Marie

Our trip started with a 7 hour drive from downtown Toronto to the Quattro Hotel in Sault Ste. Marie. We stopped in Parry Sound, just over 2 hours into our drive, for dinner and a quick leg stretch. Although it was already pretty late at night we had to make one last stop, 20 minutes from our hotel, to see the Giant Loonie in Echo Bay. Mr. Robert R. Carmichael, the artist responsible for the Loon design, is a resident of the town and the Giant Loonie was constructed in his honour.

Day 2

Lake Superior Provincial Park

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Pancake Bay Lookout: ~50 minute drive from Sault Ste. Marie to the start of the 7km return lookout trail.

Agawa Rock Pictographs: 800m return hike to an indigenous archaeological site to view the Objiway people's 17th or 18th rock paintings

Gargantuan Bay, Backcountry Camping: 30 minute drive down a windy gravel road to a secluded Bay where we backcountry camped on the beach.

Day 3

Pukaskwa National Park

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❤️ My favourite park from our trip! ❤️

Manito Miikana Trail: 2km return hike to a couple lookout points on Lake Superior with beautiful views of forested islands in the distance.

oTENTik Frontcountry Camping: A mix between a rustic cabin and a tent, we had a very comfortable sleep this night with a delicious barbequed meal.

Day 4

Pukaskwa National Park

Coastal Trail to the White Water Suspension Bridge: A challenging 18 km return hike through dense forest to a picturesque suspension bridge overlooking the white water rapids below.

Beach Trail: After a long hike, we were ready to lounge at the beach and watch the sunset. This easy 1.2km return trail was worth the extra steps after a long day.

Hattie Cove, Frontcountry Camping: Although this campsite was entirely first come first serve, we were shocked to find that it was half empty and had very private sites. Don't miss out on this underrated National Park.

Day 5

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park {WIP}

Terrace Bay, Aguasabon waterfall:

Sea Lion Trail:

Tee Harbour Trail:

Tee Harbour, Backcountry Camping:

Day 6

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park {WIP}

Head of The Sleeping Giant Trail:

Eagle Canyon Suspension Bridge:

Ouimet Canyon:

Day 7

Red Rock & Lake Superior Provincial Park {WIP}

Red Rock Inn:

Nipigon Recreation Trail:

Secrete Waterfall:

Rabbit Blanket Campground, Lake Superior Provincial Park:

Day 8

Lake Superior Provincial Park & Elliot Lake {WIP}

Katherine Cove:

Elliot Lake:

Day 9

Manitoulin Island {WIP}

Chutes Provincial Park:

Township of Little Current:

Cup And Saucer Trail:

Manitoulin island Resort & Campground:

Day 10

Bruce Peninsula National Park {WIP}

Chi-Cheemaun Ferry:

The Bruce Trail:

Stormhaven Backcountry Camping:

Day 11

Bruce Peninsula National Park {WIP}

Stormhaven Backcountry Camping:

The Grotto:

Day 12

Bruce Peninsula National Park {WIP}

And after a 4 hour drive home, we were back in Toronto.