"Last Minute" Car Camping

My roommate Kyla stayed up late one night months ago to try and book a beautiful site at Killbear Provincial Park. Although I tried to get more specifics about booking sites, unfortunately I've been told these are trade secrets and each camper only shares them with a lucky few. Not to worry though, after a few beers over a campfire, everything feels a little more open. A quick tip I can share is the good sites go quick so find out when Ontario Provincial Parks opens for bookings and set a reminder in your calendar.

So this trip wasn't so last minute for Kyla, but I was invited along about a week before. Find yourself a roommate who organizes your weekends!

Night One

The hunt for a great campsite is something experienced campers dream about and unfortuntaely we couldn't get Kyla's "dream site" for both nights in July. Our first night we managed to find a smaller campsite within Harold Point campground near the beach. The Harold Point sites near the water didn't have the best privacy due to a lack of trees between sites but being near the water was something we prioritized.

Harold Point Campsite

Waterfront a quick walk across some rocks from our campsite

Killbear windswept tree

The famous Georgian Bay Pine

Before The Storm

After making some amazing tacos for dinner {{ link }} we